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Our Shopping Cart calculates the shipping cost only within the United States. Please send us an email to get shipping costs outside the US. For very heavy items, such as telescopes or large binoculars, you will have to send us your address for a shipping quote. We ship these heavy items within the 48 states by UPS Ground. For the Alaska and Hawaii, we will have to ship by mail. Ask us for a quote.

Our shipping cost includes costs of handling and packing. For several small items sent together, the Shopping Cart may calculate a higher price than necessary. We will refund excess shipping costs through PayPal.

We currently have two web sites. The older, larger site is for amateur astronomy. Our telescopes and some binoculars are listed there. You will be taken to that site for these. This Nature and Birding site will eventually include a lot of things not present on the astronomy site and visa versa. We plan to have the telescopes and binoculars on both sites for quicker access from both sites.

You may contact us by email or call our toll-free number (1-888-OWL-WARE)

Our toll-free number is answered from about 10 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time Zone
Monday to Friday (except we close at 4 PM on Wednesdays).

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OWL Services has been in business since 1981. This is our 27th year! During that time we have been suppliers of computer parts and custom computer programming.

We have added another of our hobbies to our business. As an amateur astronomer for almost 50 years, I know what I want in products I buy for myself. I never had enough cash for the highest priced items for my hobby. We now are selling the products that we have found to be the best values in terms of quality and price.

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